The AGM for St Stephens Pavilion Management Company Ltd will take place on Wednesday 6th November 2019 at 1830hrs at Board Room, Admin Building, St Stephens Pavilion, St Stephens Road, Norwich, Norfolk. NR1 3SG

Invitations and the formal notices have been sent to all company members on Friday 11th October 2019

An online version of the Agenda & Proxy Form is available here

The venue will be open at 1815hrs, meeting to start at 1830hrs.

Copies of the last meetings minutes (7Nov18) are available here or at

Copies of the 2018 Service Charge accounts which will be discussed at the meeting are available electronically online here or at

We look forward to seeing you on Wednesday 6th November 2019.

Jim, Penny, Bill, Clayton, David, Laura & James