Parcel Lockers – June 2020

Dear Residents,

In early June we will be launching a new way of managing your personal parcels delivered to The Pavilion.

The Directors of the Management Company have approved and commissioned a set of intelligent parcel lockers that will be housed in the atrium of the administration Building where all of your personal parcels will be able to be delivered should you not be at home unavailable to collect. This is for your increased safety, security, privacy and to make the process more convenient for you as collection will be available 24/7

There is no need to make any changes to the way you order your parcels the process of delivering parcels to the lockers will be managed by Steve Ryan ( NRM, the Royal Mail and the various delivery companies themselves Once a parcel has been delivered to the locker you will receive an email notification with a collection barcode and ID for use at the locker station. The use of barcodes allows for the touchless collection of parcels
Once the lockers have been installed we will putting up ‘How To’ guides in and around the building and also online at www sspmcl co uk/parcels for your information.

On top of the already mentioned benefits, the Directors are committed to lowering the carbon footprint of the development It has been proven that the introduction of parcel lockers can help us on this journey by reducing both carrier traffic and emissions by up to 60%.

To enable you to utilise the lockers you must register Multiple residents
(Leaseholders or tenants) residing in an apartment can register individually so please email the following information to

Full Name:
Apt Number:
Email address:

Thank You for Your Attention