Amendments to Visitor Parking Provision

Amendments to Visitor Parking Provision

Following feedback received from residents, as well as a Director’s surgery held on 13th September 2018 and further
discussions at a Directors meeting held on 8th October 2018, the directors of St Stephen Pavilion MCL unanimously
agreed to make the following amendments to the visitor parking provision

An update letter has been circulated to all resident and a online version is available here

Up to 24hr Visitor Parking (Scratch Cards)
You can now purchase Visitor Scratch Cards up to a maximum of 90 (9 books of 10) per 12 month rolling period.
Visitor Scratch Cards are issued in books of ten only. The cost per book is £10 and they can be purchased online at

Short Stay (Up to 4hrs) Visitor Parking (Via Permit and Time Clock)
You can now purchase a visitor parking permit and time clock. Each parking permit and clock allows short term
visitor parking for up to 4hrs daily. You can apply for 1 visitor parking permit per property costing £24 for 12 months
and they can be purchased online at

Once purchased permits and/or scratch cards will be hand delivered to the letterbox of the resident in The Pavilion,
Administration or Ivory Building. If you would like them posted via Recorded Delivery to an alternative address,
please click the relevant delivery option at checkout

Long Term Visitor Parking (72hrs to 7days)
There are 2 Long Term Visitor Parking Bays located to the right-hand side of the Administration Building marked
‘Long Stay Bay 1’ and ‘Long Stay Bay 2’.
You can now book a Long Stay Bay for any duration from 72hrs to 7 days for £2 per day. This is restricted to 2 bays
within the carpark. The online calendar will advise whether bays are available (booking must be made at least 3 days in advance)

Carers’ Parking Permits
Carers’ parking permits will be issued free of charge if you meet certain criteria. The carer’s permit entitles the
parking of carers’ vehicles for those residents living within The Pavilion, Administration or Ivory Buildings who
require regular assistance in the provision of care whether from family, friends or professional carers.
Requests for Carer Parking Permits in the first instance should be via email to with supporting
evidence from a Medical Practitioner that assistance in the provision of care is required by a resident.

Contractor Parking
Commercial sign written contractor vans can park in the visitor parking bays to the front of the Administration
building without displaying a visitor permit from 7am-7pm Mon-Fri.
It is good practice for them to display a letterhead / business card showing the property they are working in and a
contact number should the Caretaker (Steve Ryan) or NRM require to contact them.
If however they are parking a normal, unmarked passenger vehicle, they would need to display a valid visitor permit
or scratch card.

Additional Notes:

  • Steve Ryan the onsite caretaker has no involvement in parking permits / vouchers.  He is unable to take bookings or sell vouchers / permits etc.
  • Please be aware that the use of permits and scratch cards is monitored. Where evidence is found that the permit or scratch cards are being used incorrectly the resident will be given the opportunity to provide a satisfactory explanation of the circumstances or agree actions to rectify the situation. Action will be taken by the Management Company if no satisfactory response is received.
  • Refunds will not be made on any unexpired portion of a parking permit or unused scratch cards.
  • The permit or scratch card must be displayed on the near side of the windscreen, so that it can be read from the
    outside of the vehicle.
  • A permit or scratch card does not guarantee a visitor parking space. If no visitor parking spaces are available, this does not justify a parking contravention.
  • Any breach of the Terms and Conditions of use of the visitor parking bays / scratch cards may result in the issue of a Parking Charge Notice.
  • Visitor Parking must only be used by visitors to The Pavilion, Administration or Ivory Buildings and cannot be used by residents to park additional vehicles.


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