Parcel Lockers

Parcel Lockers Update November 2020

The Directors of the Management Company are committed to lowering our carbon footprint and have now introduced parcel lockers to St Stephens Pavilion to help this endeavour.

Why? Parcel lockers are proven to reduce carrier traffic and emissions by up to 60%.

How does this help me?
• All personal parcels will now be delivered to the atrium of the Administration Building; it now doesn’t matter if you are out when your parcel is delivered
• Your parcel will be contained in a private and secure locker until you can conveniently collect your package
• Collection is available 24/7
• It does not affect the way in which you order your parcels
• The lockers and process will be managed by your caretaker Steve Ryan, NRM, the Royal Mail and the delivery companies

How does it work?
Once your parcel has been delivered, you will receive an email notification with a barcode and 8-digit collection code to use at the locker station.

What do I now need to do?
To benefit from this service, you need to register at:
Please email them your:
• Full name
• Apartment number
• Email address

What if there are multiple people living at one address?
Multiple residents (lease holders or tenants) residing in an apartment can individually register at:
Please email them your individual:
• Full name
• Apartment number
• Email address
Is there more information?

There are further details on this flyer.

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